A mobile-app selling last-moment opportunities for food and drink - ready to expand into new markets

Bristol, United Kingdom
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Investment Summary

Funded 27 Sep 2014


  • Thumb_robert_hall
    Rob Hall
  • Thumb_image
    Robert Clarke
    Non-Executive Director
  • Thumb_img_7210
    Grace Howes
    Operations Director
  • Thumb_mike_jackson_picture
    Michael Jackson
    Business Advisor



Product(s) and/or service(s)

Wriggle is a mobile app that has been live for a month in Bristol, with 1,668 downloads. We have generated revenue of £4,276 and connected 456 customers with businesses. We have had great press coverage and a 100% net-promoter score from users.

All businesses, even the most successful, have unsold capacity. Wriggle is a simple mobile-app platform to allow them to sell this at the very last minute at a reduced price. For users it’s a fun and spontaneous tool to find last-moment offers at high-quality local businesses. It harnesses advances in smart phones, secure payment systems, and geo-location to create an opportunity for consumers to make these last-moment purchases.

Wriggle has been working in the food & drink sector to-date, and are looking to expand to other sectors and have already received approaches from a hot-air balloon company, a theatre and even an osteopath, to name a few. This is the tip of the iceberg of what Wriggle can do to help businesses fill their capacity. With its mobile-app in place, Wriggle has the technology to scale to a national level quickly and to take advantage of this huge opportunity.

I encourage you to download the app from iTunes or Google Play store and see how simply and easily Wriggle works for customers in Bristol. We are very proud of it, and are receiving great feedback from users on the design, and simplicity of user interface.

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