Services to prepare you for fundraising or manage your shareholders afterwards.

Having helped businesses prepare for over 1,000 fund raises, we know how important it is to get the essential elements ready. Our suite of services have been designed to get you ready for your funding round quickly, with the highest chance of success – whether you are crowdfunding or not – and make it easier to manage your shareholders efficiently at any time.

S/EIS Advance assurance

Expert support for SEIS or EIS Advance Assurance applications | In partnership with Sapphire

To make applying for SEIS and EIS tax relief fast and simple, we’ve partnered with Sapphire Capital to leverage their experience and expertise to support with the application process. They’ll guide you through the common pitfalls to ensure the process is quick and efficient. They’ll even help with any questions arising from HMRC.


Expert support – the process can be confusing, we’ll get all the questions answered quickly to process to the application

Fast, simple process – having processed many applications we know how to make the quickly with limited impact on the business

99%+ success rate – We can give you peace of mind that your application for tax relief will be approved

Support in answering questions from HMRC (limited to the first round of questions only)

50% off the fee if you raise successfully on Seedrs

Apply for S/EIS Advance assurance Find out more

Seedrs Nominee is THE standard, we pioneered its adoption and we continue to lead the way.

Our industry leading nominee service can be used to simplify investor management and clean-up a cap table

Traditional Direct shareholder structure

One to one relationship with investors

High touch investor management Copy

Potentially large & complex cap table Copy

Doesn’t work well for huge crowds

Needs professional investor knowledge

Seedrs Nominee simplification

Reduced cap table size, VCs love it

Liquidity facility built-in with direct access to the market Copy

Simplified investor management, works well for large crowds

Much easier/quicker to make decisions, you deal with us

We handle the complexity for retail investors, they love it

The Seedrs Nominee comes standard with all our raises but if you’d like to use our nominee and you haven’t raised with us before.

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