With rising sea levels and an increase in the number of devastating forest fires, scientists all over the world are warning us that we have to change course now. The 2019-20 Australian bushfires and 2022 Pakistan floods are a glimpse into what the future will hold if humanity keeps relying on the traditional fossil fuel industry for too much longer. Additionally, the global need for electricity is predicted to double by 2050, adding to the mounting pressure for renewable energy.

With a 89% success rate, sustainability campaigns are some of the most popular and successful ones found on Seedrs. With crowdfunding, more so than other fundraising methods, people put their money where their values lie, which is why renewable energy ClimateTech startups are listed as the number 1 sector of interest by Seedrs investors.

Here are some of the most popular and successful campaigns to have raised on Seedrs.

Hydro Wind Energy

The intermittency of traditional solar and wind power generation introduces a lot of unpredictable variability, making them inefficient and unreliable. Hydro Wind Energy has developed an innovative hybrid energy system that harnesses the power and consistency of offshore high-altitude wind. Their patented technology uses kites combined with subsea pressure to generate clean energy and desalinated water.

Hydro Wind Energy raised £1,240,410 from 1227 Seedrs investors.

Find out more about Hydro Wind Energy’s campaigns here.

Achelous Energy

Archelous Energy is harnessing the power of rivers to generate clean energy using their innovative patented FITS technology. Their technology and method are unique because hydrokinetic energy generation is continuous and therefore not dependent on energy storage, unlike solar and wind power.

Achelous Energy raised over £485,000 from 784 Seedrs investors, more than doubling their crowdfunding goal.

Find out more about Achelous Energy’s campaign here.

Marine Power Systems

The founders of Marine Power Systems developed a low-cost and highly flexible offshore way to harness the enormous untapped energy that is generated by the ocean every second. Their game-changing patented technologies can harness the power of the ocean’s waves and winds, individually or simultaneously.

Marine Power Systems raised over £6.8 million from 2152 Seedrs investors in two rounds.

Find out more about Marine Power Systems here.

Nova Innovation

One of the greatest challenges of the renewable energy industry is the intermittency of supply; the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. Nova Innovation has developed award-winning tidal turbines that harness the energy of the natural ebb and flow of the tide. An additional benefit is that their technology hides underwater, leaving no visual impact, and requires no dams or barriers that are damaging to marine life.

Nova Innovation raised over £1.2 million from 1516 Seedrs investors, outperforming their goal by almost 150%. Additionally, £2 million worth of shares were purchased by another 1039 Seedrs investors through a secondary offering two years later.

Find out more about Nova Innovation here.


Ripple is bringing a green energy revolution by allowing households and businesses to part-own large wind farms and have the generated electricity delivered via the grid. Not only is it good for the environment, it’s also going to greatly reduce customers’ energy bills.

Ripple has raised a total of £4.7 million from 3904 Seedrs investors over the course of 5 crowdfunding rounds.

Find out more about Ripple here.

QED Naval

QED Naval is revolutionising the deployment of tidal turbines with its Subhub – a disruptive, self-deploying, tidal turbine platform. The Subhub is estimated to lower the cost of tidal turbine deployment by up to 60% and increase tidal turbine yield by up to 48%. QED Naval also has one of the most advanced proven tidal turbines – the Tocardo turbine, which it is looking to roll out in more areas after an immensely successful demonstration project in the Netherlands.

QED Naval has raised over £2.6 million from 2248 Seedrs investors in 2 crowdfunding rounds. In both rounds they greatly surpassed their original goals, overperforming by 200%.

Find out more about QED Naval here.


Wavepiston’s vision is to “make wave energy an important player in the portfolio of renewable energy sources, ensuring a reliable supply of clean energy and clean drinking water.” The company is aiming to make this vision a reality with their patented Wavepiston system. Their revolutionary technology can extract energy from ocean waves and turns it into electricity and clean desalinated water.

Wavepiston has raised over €2.4 million from 1509 Seedrs investors in a campaign that outperformed its target by over 20%.

Find out more about Wavepiston’s campaign here.

Gazelle Wind Power

Gazelle Wind Power is at the forefront of making floating offshore wind farms affordable. The company is aiming to make wind power the main source of the world’s future energy needs with its patented Gazelle floating offshore wind turbine platform. The Gazelle platform drastically decreases the weight, size, and cost of existing systems. The company is planning to licence its Gazelle technology to third-party offshore wind farm developers worldwide.

Gazelle Wind Power raised over €3.8 million from 1407 Seedrs investors in a campaign that outperformed its target by almost 200%.

Find out more about Gazelle Wind Power’s campaign here.

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