What is SEIS?

The SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) helps small, early stage, high-risk companies raise investment by giving certain tax reliefs to UK tax paying investors.

SEIS provides some of the world’s best tax reliefs. It allows up to 50% of the investment made to be claimed back in income tax relief and on top of that, it also offers significant capital gains tax reductions.

As for founders, SEIS helps you raise the capital you need to grow by offering significant tax reliefs to investors in your company, making a potential investment into your business more attractive.

Are you in the process of raising funds or looking to raise in the near future?

We would definitely recommend looking into SEIS tax relief if you are planning on raising funds soon or have already raised. We’ve summarised everything you need to know on SEIS tax relief in this one pager so you don’t have to go through the research yourself. Download the one pager using the form below.

Looking to raise funds through the crowd?

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