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This is a guest post by Grace Looney, Head of Employer Branding at Jobbio. Jobbio is a job search platform that connects great talent with great companies quickly.

Every business has, consciously or otherwise, an employer brand. It’s the way in which businesses distinguish themselves and enables them to recruit, retain and engage the right talent. Your business will pass or fail based on the hire you make as every single hire has a direct impact on your business. It is therefore important to conduct a hiring strategy and to take your time during the hiring process before making a final decision.

In this guide, expert Jobbio offers a crash course in employer branding, including everything you need to know about this topic, whether you’re a small startup or a hyper-growth company, to ensure every person you hire is a right fit for your business. Jobbio has composed a guide that will help you lay the foundations of your employer brand.

This six-part employer branding guide includes:

  • Not Just for the Big Players: Why Is Important for Startups
  • Five Steps To Get Started Today
  • The Best Of The Best In This Field
  • How It Acts as A Magnet And A Filter
  • How To Create Employee Evangelists For Your Employer Brand
  • How To Create Your Strategy

Interested in learning more on employer branding? Download the guide via the form below.