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As you will have spotted, we’re celebrating 10 years of Seedrs — and with it some fantastic stats. £2 billion raised and we have now given investors from 90 countries the opportunity to invest in businesses doing incredible work.

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The Seedrs Team Choose Their Favourite Campaigns

While we can’t highlight all 1,722 deals, we wanted to check in with the Seedrs team to share some of their favourites, from the most creative to the biggest impact: 

Nominated by Holly, on our investments team, and her reasoning is simple — what a video!

The Bloody Drinks campaign was a real pleasure to work on.

Their video was hilarious and Will and Harry took everything in their stride, fundraising can be super stressful for entrepreneurs but they managed to find the fun – it was great working with them and I can’t wait to watch what they do next!

DAI is one of two campaigns nominated by Katherine on our investors team that shine a light on incredible female founders. 

DAI is a business built by women, for women, and now owned by women too. I loved that their customer community and our female investors really got behind this raise. It set records for Seedrs, most notably that over 60% of the amount invested by the crowd came from female identifying investors!

Myles on our investment team picked Black Ballad:

I loved working with the Black Ballad team. From a target of £250k they overfunded with almost 1,400 investors, which is incredibly rare for a crowdfunding campaign of that size. It was the perfect example of a community raise and investors rallying behind an important business where Black female founders have historically received such a tiny proportion of VC investment.

Charlie on our finance team loved our work collaborating with the government’s Future Fund

What we did to facilitate raising for a government backed scheme during covid was one of the most genuinely impactful things we’ve done in our history.

Seedrs’ Chief Investment Officer Kirsty is a fan of the team at Hectare: 

I have to choose Hectare (previously Sell My Livestock), for their consistent success on the platform through all the years in which they’ve run a campaign. That includes 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and…2022

As you can see, 2021 was a dull year for the Hectare fans.

Josh picks out this one that changed the game in the football industry: 

AFC Wimbledon were the first club in the history of professional football to run a mainstream equity crowdfunding campaign for their fans. Seedrs allowed them to democratise ownership in a sport where fans and communities are too often exploited by wealthy owners. Seeing over 5,000 fans and investors get involved — a Seedrs record — was brilliant.

Jasmine on our campaigns team reckons Oddbox and their wonky produce revolution are the perfect illustration of what is great about seed investing: 

Oddbox not only looks after the the environment through reducing food waste and fostering conscious consumerism, but looks after their investor community. They first raised on Seedrs at a £1.6m valuation in 2018 and are now a £100m+ business. In their Series B round, they gave their community and early investors the opportunity to realise a portion of their investment in a secondary sale which saw investors receiving returns of up to 31x (before tax benefits)!

 Louise on our investor relations team nominated this groundbreaking campaign: 

My favourite investment so far has been into Passion Capital’s 3rd Fund. It was the first time a private European VC fund opened publicly to individual high net worth and sophisticated investors.

Traditionally, individual investors could only be LPs in venture capital funds with £100k tickets. Using Seedrs as an LP meant that investors could invest as little as £50. It was truly pioneering that I could put my little investment into an industry leading investment fund.

This one comes via Katie on the Seedrs marketing team: 

I love what Cheeky Panda do — and they have consistently raised money from their community using Seedrs. 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022… they’ve now raised over £14.6m with us and are a hot property on the Seedrs Secondary Market.

Nothing says community like a group of rock music fans getting behind their favourite music station reckons Scott, one of our portfolio managers: 

“I loved it when 850 rock and metalheads funded a £150k SEIS campaign on their own, getting behind Primordial Radio. It was the perfect SEIS community raise. Also, for bonus points, someone breathed fire in their tremendously produced video.”


We’re only just at the beginning of our journey, there are many more milestones to come. Make sure you check out our 10 year celebration post for some of the other amazing milestones we’ve passed along the way. 

Here’s to the next ten years! 

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