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A belated September Secondary Market update comes after an absent August update due to the amount of coverage we had announcing our variable pricing results which used August’s numbers. If you didn’t catch some of those, you can see them here and here.

September’s market came off the high of August, buoyed by the aforementioned variable pricing and settled at 1,164 sharelots sold worth £386k. We had 552 buyers and 429 sellers transact across 180 businesses at an average value per business of £2.14k. Each seller made an average profit of £368 (or a 17% return) delivering real cash returns back into accounts. 

The sharelot sales volume by price tier were as follows:

These sharelots can be broken out by sector as follows:

Values by business as follows:

Both the number of businesses sold (blue bar chart) and the sold value per business (black line chart) has stepped back up after the introduction of variable pricing in August as you can see below:

It is also interesting to note that there is more sales (by volume) at the premium end of the market than there is at a discount (blue bar is lots completed, green bar is business count):

For October’s market we already have £5.5m submitted for sale by 2,000 sellers and most lots are have been listed at a premium:

Variable pricing is still in its infancy and we are monitoring the new dynamic closely before prioritising any new feature changes. Stay tuned!