Accountability is a major part of entrepreneurship – to yourself, your team and, of course, to your investors. When everyone’s on the same page, your business story will reach new chapters that much faster.

In this third on-demand session with Addition, you learn more about:

  • What financial reporting means to investors
  • What financial reporting should mean to your business
  • How to set KPIs – and how investors like to see these reported
  • What are the “must-report ” KPIs that investors want to see
  • How to report impactful KPIs
  • How to distinguish achievable targets from impressive milestones
  • Which tools are out there to support you

This workshop is hosted by Addition, an outsourced finance business for start-ups and SMEs. They support over 180 small businesses with a full-suite of financial product offerings – from bookkeeping to growth funding. Addition’s flexible finance solutions include portfolio CFO services for scaling up – offering support with pitch deck creation, KPIs, forecasting, financial modelling and more.

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